Standards For Fast Products In Gambling Slot Machines

19, 2017 Feb. 19, 2017 AFL Footy Show host Craig Hutchison has called for premiership captain Easton Wood to take a pay cut over concerns the Bulldog star has with gambling revenue. MORE: AFL preseason casualty ward Wood questioned the role of gambling advertising in the AFL last week on Twitter, saying it's"out of control and I think it needs to change". Gambling advertising is out of control and I think it needs to change - let me know if you agree Easton Wood (@easton_wood) February 10, 2017 In a conversation with journalist Damian Barrett on The Sounding Board podcast, Hutchison said that while he didn't agree with Wood's opinion, he believesthe Bulldogs defender hasstrong enough character to make a stand on the issue. "I love the fact (Wood) has a strong view -thats what we need from ourfootballers," Hutchison said. "(Gambling revenue is)probably five percent of his wage. "Should he take a five percent pay cut as a stand on this? "If he feels that passionately about it, Im sure hell make a stand."

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