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Reserve officers will help cover shifts at Tiverton casino

A police car will be parked near the entrance to the casino and the town will be paid $20 an hour for it. The idea for a reserve officer corps was discussed with the Town Council recently. “It turns out they may be needed in two weeks,” Town Administrator Jan Reitsma told the council. The council is expected to be presented with more information at its meeting next Monday, which is just days before the casino is scheduled to open. The reserve corps would have no financial impact on the town, Jones said. A draft contract for the reserve officers is being prepared and reviewed.

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Columnist Jim Cahillane:Musings on the death penalty, MGM casino

Massachusetts and 18 others do not.  Helen Prejean has done her homework: “Ten states that were part of the Confederacy and practiced slavery are responsible for most executions.” Justice Sonia Sotomayor sharply dissented from her Supreme Court peers on Tennessee’s latest execution by lethal injection as “accepting barbarism.” Thomas Jefferson was America’s minister to France during its 1789 revolution. He witnessed so many beheadings on the terror’s guillotine that, upon awakening in Paris, was moved to feel his neck in assurance — proving that bulk executions could unnerve even hardened slaveholders. Friday marks the grand opening of MGM’s Springfield casino. My November 1995 column opened with this question: What do you think of a gambling casino in Hampden County?  I quoted then-Attorney General Scott Harshbarger: “The advent of casino gambling is an important quality of life issue for Massachusetts: It will unalterably change our communities and the legacy that we leave to our children.” Well, Scott, that ship has sailed. Our elected representatives evolved. The billion-dollar MGM golden lion is at the door. Twenty-three years ago I expressed a litany of worries from white-collar theft, to lost productivity, to gambling addiction, crime rates and restaurant job losses.  Today, we can but hope for a happier ending in western Massachusetts. So, how am I doing? My anti-death penalty rant came out a winner when Pope Francis spoke on Aug.

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