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The film follows his never-ending quest to perfect the art of sushi, while profiling his two sons along the way, the latter of which is poised to succeed Jiro and carry on the family tradition at the renowned restaurant (Sukiyabashi Jiro). + Instant Queue Iris Albert Maysles penultimate film is a fitting portrait of a fashion icon who, surprisingly, still remains at the top of her game despite her old age. The 93-year-old subject is Iris Apfel, one of the most renowned fashionistas and interior designers to have ever trotted the globe. Maysles film depicts the stages of her life through a series of interviews, many of which contribute to a film that functions as both an ode to individual uniqueness and an intimate look into a marriage more than 65 years in the making. Apfels life (and home) might be cluttered, but its chock-full of charming insight more than anything else. + Instant Queue The Wrecking Crew Youve likely heard the Beach Boys Good Vibrations and the Ronettes Be My Baby, but you probably never knew that neither band played the instruments on either track. The Wrecking Crew chronicles the collective of L.A.-based studios musicians that did, though, while emphasizing just how integral the rotating cast of players were to some of the most iconic sounds of the 60s. The nostalgia-seeped documentary which is profiled by Denny Tedesco, a filmmaker whos late father was a guitarist in the band is essentially an ode to these lauded, under-appreciated player that lacks conflict but shines with candid interviews. + Instant Queue Valley Uprising Right in the middle of the counterculture era, a group of brave, young individuals proclaimed to dedicate their lives to rock climbing. Set in Yosemite National Park, Valley Uprising tells the story of these young pioneers, who paved the way for the next generation of alpinists.

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