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MORE: House panel introduces bill limiting Indian gaming Rubel isn't on the committee but said she wanted her caucus to know the facts about the bill. "I'm certainly concerned about the tribes, this seems like an effort to bring them to their knees," Rubel said. Under federal Indian gambling law, Idaho tribes can only operate their own bingo and lottery operations as long as the state has already authorized those forms of gambling. Prolonged disagreements prompted the tribe to successfully push a 2002 ballot initiative amending Idaho law to say the video machines could not be defined as illegal slot machines and are not a simulation of casino gambling as long as the machines do not have a lever or dispense coins. The machines only dispense cash-out tickets. Rep. Tom Loertscher, R-Iona, introduced legislation earlier this month that would remove a key section of that 2002 law. The proposal would allow the banning of the machines even if they do not have a lever or dispense coins. Loertscher says the move is needed to bring the tribe into compliance with Idaho's ban on casino gambling.

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